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Library of Congress: Engage!

The Library's doors may be closed, but we are still here for you. On this page you'll find ways to engage with authors you love and ways to connect to the Library’s resources from anywhere in the world.

FOR KIDS: Dav Pilkey At Home

Check this page every Friday for more new videos from Dav Pilkey. You can also find additional fun and free content including more “how to draw” and read-aloud videos and downloadable activities at Scholastic’s?Dav Pilkey At Home site External link.

Watch author and illustrator Dav Pilkey in the video below as he paints and talks about the inspiration for 80-HD, one of the beloved characters from his bestselling Dog Man book series. Want more fun videos? Watch Dav draw?baby frogs, including Melvin, new characters who first appear in "Dog Man: Fetch-22," the latest book in the Dog Man series.

View All Dav Pilkey Videos

FOR FAMILIES: Explore and Create

  • Create with Collections

    Get inspired by an item in the Library’s collections then create artworks, mini-books, and more with activities for kids ages 12 and under.

    Find all activity sets here.?

    Explore with Dav Pilkey

    Join author and illustrator Dav Pilkey, as he?invites you to find inspiration?from the Library of Congress while at home. View All Dav Pilkey Videos?

    May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month. The month honors the contributions to America of the people of Asian or Pacific Island nations. The?cherry blossom trees in Washington, D.C.,?are gifts of the Japanese people to the United States. They are planted around the Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial. The pink and white blossoms are a glorious sign of spring, and people travel from all over the world so see them. Have you seen the blossoms? Try drawing your own picture of them.

FOR POETRY LOVERS: Celebrate Poetry Every Day

FOR EDUCATORS: Online Office Hours

FOR CURIOUS MINDS: Conversations on the Future of Democracy


Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature,?shares his passion for storytelling?through a new monthly?GRAB THE MIC?newsletter and?"Write. Right. Rite.,"?a?twice-weekly?GRAB THE MIC?video series.?Check out all of Jason Reynolds' videos?here?and read all of his newsletters?here.

Watch Jason Reynolds' tenth installment of "Write. Right. Rite." where he challenges kids to create a recipe that makes them feel courageous or creative. Check back Tuesdays and Thursdays for creative writing prompts to keep your imagination alive!

View All Jason Reynolds Videos

FOR BOOK LOVERS: Best of the National Book Festival

  • Each weekday, the Library will feature an author appearance from the past 20 years of the National Book Festival on the National Book Festival blog. Mondays will feature topical nonfiction; Tuesday: poetry or literary fiction; Wednesday: history, biography, memoir; Thursday: popular fiction; and Friday: children and teen authors.


FOR LIFELONG LEARNERS: National Book Festival Presents

  • Our yearlong event series featuring authors, books, and related Library treasures goes virtual with a mini-series of topical interviews on the science, history and cultural aspects of pandemics and illness.

    In the fourth event of the mini-series, author and journalist?Karl Taro Greenfeld?discusses his prescient book on the SARS epidemic, which foreshadowed the more devastating COVID-19 pandemic, with the Library of Congress’s Chief of Communications, Roswell Encina.?Watch the discussion here.

    View Upcoming Events Calendar

    View All National Book Festival Presents Videos

FOR MUSIC LOVERS: Join an Online Event

  • Be a Citizen DJ:?Select short samples of?free-to-use audio and video materials from the Library's collection to create your own beats and sound mixes?using Citizen DJ.??

    Take the #FolklifeArchiveChallenge:?Search our collections, find a piece you love, create your own version, record it and share!?Read more about the challenge?.?

    Join a Digital Concert, Thursday, May 28 at 7 pm:?In collaboration with?Portland Ovations external link, the Library presents?an interactive digital concert,?Aural Explorations: Farrin, Fure, and Messiaen external link,?featuring the world premiere of Suzanne Farrin’s Nacht (co-commissioned by the Carolyn Royall Just Fund in the Library of Congress and the International Contemporary Ensemble.?

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